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Latitude Attorneys

Latitude draws on a team of experienced attorneys from corporate law departments and leading law firms, and is constantly adding more. Attorneys with high-demand skills and experience are attracted to Latitude by the sophisticated work, law firm-level compensation and practice flexibility that Latitude offers. Our attorneys look forward to stepping into challenging work, and have the versatility to adapt to changing priorities. Latitude Attorneys are engaged for a variety of roles including as part-time and interim general counsel, associate to senior counsel-level law firm attorneys, corporate counsel, and as advisors to general counsel and corporate leaders. You can count on a Latitude attorney to function efficiently as a part of the team, and fit right in, whether onsite, remotely or as a special advisor.

Meet a few of Latitude’s attorneys:


Attorneys seeking new opportunities, please visit our
Attorney Opportunities page or contact:

Anna Gernert
Attorney Development & Placement Director
D: 615-550-3075
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If you are interested in engaging an attorney, please contact:

Candice Reed
Senior Vice President
D: 615-550-3077
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Ross Booher
Chief Executive Officer
D: 615-550-3070
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*Latitude is not a law firm and does not engage in the practice of law. Attorneys employed and assigned by Latitude provide legal services only under the professional oversight of an in-house or private-practice lawyer for the client who is not associated with Latitude. Further information is available on the Legal Notice page.