Proposed Rule Change Would Help Experienced Attorneys Relocate to Tennessee

The Tennessee Supreme Court is currently considering changes that would enable experienced attorneys who move to the state to start practicing law immediately, instead of having to wait six to twelve months to obtain a Tennessee law license before they can practice. Lucian Pera, Latitude’s Ethics Counsel, explains that the rule change would make the process easier for lawyers from other states who find legal jobs in Tennessee, and removes barriers for firms that want to hire a lawyer from outside of Tennessee. 

Latitude CEO Ross Booher, who has seen the increasing demand for specialized attorneys in regions like Middle Tennessee, believes that the changes could help attract legal talent nationally, and that because large companies are able to purchase legal services on a national scale, it will benefit these companies, Tennessee law firms, and the attorneys. Pera, who is on the Tennessee Bar’s ethics committee, states that the changes would not lower the standards for licensure in Tennessee. Continue reading.