Attorneys for Companies


Attorneys for Companies

Optimize your time and resources.

Latitude helps companies add experienced in-house counsel capacity without creating a permanent position or outsourcing in-house legal work to a law firm. Our attorneys have the level of skill, experience and judgment as would be expected in a permanent corporate counsel or law firm attorney, and the versatility to step into challenging environments and hit the ground running. To meet some of Latitude’s Attorneys, please visit our Attorneys page. Options include secondments (i.e., contract engagements), as well as permanent positions. In addition to full-time, on-site assignments, Latitude attorneys are available on a part-time, remote, flex-time, and advisory basis.

Companies turn to Latitude to:

  • Do more legal work in-house and free up legal spend for highly-specialized and bet-the-company type matters
  • Assess and provide legal and compliance functions for emerging & portfolio companies
  • Supply dedicated legal teams to insource recurring litigation or transactional work for greater efficiency and reduced costs
  • Provide compliance, data security and risk management services
  • Increase attorney capacity during times of peak demand
  • Add an attorney before a permanent position is created
  • Budget for attorney services and legal projects with cost certainty
  • Assess legal operations and propose and implement solutions
  • Provide former general counsel to serve as special advisors and coaches

Practice Areas*

Contracting & Commercial Transactions

  • Vendor agreements
  • Transfers of ownership
  • Procurement and Contract management

Corporate & Securities

  • M&A transactions
  • Corporate Governance
  • SEC filings

Employment & Benefits

  • Day-to-day employment law/HR counsel
  • ERISA and executive compensation
  • Employment policies, procedures and agreements
  • HR investigations & separations
  • Ethics & Regulatory Compliance (e.g., EEOC, OSHA, FMLA)


  • Internal Investigations
  • Litigation & Investigations Management
  • In-sourced Litigation Counsel
  • Trial Counsel


  • Physician agreements and practice group management
  • Managed care
  • Healthcare operations and regulatory compliance
  • Healthcare fraud/abuse investigations & litigation
  • Healthcare leasing and real estate transactions
  • Contract Management & HIPPA Compliance
  • Healthcare licensing and regulatory filings

Real Estate, Banking & Finance

  • Commercial real estate transitions due diligence
  • Purchase and leasing agreements
  • Debt instruments
  • Financial Services Regulatory Compliance & Reporting
  • Real estate, mortgage and premises liability litigation
  • Environmental Due Diligence

Intellectual Property & Technology

  • Licensing, R&D, and technology transfer agreements
  • patentability, patent validity, freedom to operate and IP due diligence
  • Data security & Information Management
  • IP portfolio management
  • Management of outside IP counsel
  • IP litigation

Corporate Compliance

  • SEC reporting
  • Risk analysis for potential acquisitions, JVs, growth plans, product launches and third-party relationships
  • Develop and enhance global compliance programs, policies, and codes of contact, and investigations protocols
  • Commercial and trade compliance
  • Anti-corruption/FCPA due diligence
  • Supplier contract compliance and audits
  • Data privacy
  • HR and employment law compliance

For more strategies to optimize your legal resources, please visit our Law Department Management Consulting page.
To learn more about engaging a Latitude Attorney, please contact:

Candice Reed
Senior Vice President
D: 615-550-3077
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Ross Booher
Chief Executive Officer
D: 615-550-3070
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*Latitude is not a law firm and does not engage in the practice of law. Attorneys employed and assigned by Latitude provide legal services only under the professional oversight of an in-house or private-practice lawyer for the client who is not associated with Latitude. Further information is available on the Legal Notice page.