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UBS Attorney Joins Latitude as TN Market Presid...

July 17, 2019Latitude
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7 Dos and Don’ts When Looking for a Law Firm or...

June 19, 2019Candice Reed

Latitude Announces Expansion into Georgia Marke...

June 6, 2019Latitude

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Latitude is seeking attorney business partners ...

September 28, 2018Latitude
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Notable Findings from the ACC’s 2018 Global Com...

July 13, 2018Latitude
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5 Career Choice Tips from SVP Candice Reed

July 3, 2018Candice Reed
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Why Wait to Be Happy?

May 21, 2018Candice Reed
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Latitude’s Anna Gernert Carr Summarizes V...

May 8, 2018Anna Gernert Carr
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Breaking Down Silos + Building Connections

April 27, 2018Candice Reed

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