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Why Great Attorneys Choose to Work with Latitude


Our personal and professional goals often change over time. Latitude provides excellent attorneys with work opportunities that help them achieve their individual objectives, in and outside of the office, at each phase of their careers. In this video, Candice Reed, Latitude’s Executive Vice President in charge of Latitude’s recruiting and placement operations, discusses many of the benefits of working with Latitude.

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Flexibility around life priorities.
For many attorneys, the typical arduous and unpredictable “lawyer schedule” is the impetus for considering opportunities through Latitude. Perhaps a lawyer wants to spend more time with their young children, or an entrepreneurial project or hobby begins to take more time than a typical full-time schedule allows. Or after 25 years, another lawyer chooses to step back from full-time practice, but isn’t ready to retire just yet. There is a laundry list of reasons why experienced attorneys may want to take a break from (or leave altogether) the traditional 50 to 70-hour work week in exchange for a more flexible schedule and work that offers them the opportunity to pursue their personal interests and still practice law at a high level.

Thinking beyond the typical workweek.
Latitude Attorneys work on engagements that typically last several months and often even years. While on engagements, Latitude Attorneys are using their specialized skills and knowledge that come from years of practicing law. The work is similar to the work many of them were doing in their prior legal-department or law-firm jobs. Because of the sophistication of Latitude’s clients and their work, Latitude Attorneys continue to gain valuable legal experience, grow professionally, and support themselves financially (much like they did in their prior, more traditional positions), it’s just that their work schedules or settings look slightly different. For example, a Latitude Attorney could work a set 40 hours a week instead of 60 or four days a week instead of five (or six or seven). Another Latitude Attorney might work from home for a client in the same city or even across the country. Even seasonal flexibility is possible – working 6 months a year, or working full-time on shorter monthly projects.

High pay and benefits.
Additionally, Latitude offers competitive compensation and benefits that allow attorneys to work with Latitude as a sustainable career – not merely as a “gap filler” in between permanent positions.

Jobs with aligned goals for maximum professional growth and fulfillment.
Latitude’s strength is maximizing partnerships between its clients and attorneys. It does this by crafting engagements that meet the immediate needs of the law firm or in-house client within agreed-upon parameters that are appealing to the Latitude Attorney, thereby creating a sense of energy and professional fulfillment for the attorney.

Even the best attorneys (perhaps especially the best attorneys) sometimes need a professional reset – either to stay energized or to regain a passion for legal work. This is often when Latitude makes the most sense. Attorneys choose Latitude when they know they can work better, and get more personal and professional value from their work – with options beyond what the traditional legal workspace can offer. When attorneys have personal and professional freedom, they often are more productive, better able to address their clients’ problems with creative and pragmatic solutions, and simply enjoy their work more. We’ve seen that when attorneys are excited about their work and connected with good teams, they’re refreshed, focused, and ready for the next challenge.

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