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Why Wait to Be Happy?

By Candice Reed May 21, 2018 Last week, I read a blog post by Leslie Beale, a former-attorney-turned-executive-coach, in which she explains that happiness begets success – not the other way around as we have all probably been told (at least once . . . usually by one of our old, crotchety relatives who has […]

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Breaking Down Silos + Building Connections

by Candice Reed, Latitude Senior Vice President & Partner Latitude is a participating sponsor of Vanderbilt Law School’s upcoming Summit on Law and Innovation (SoLI).  In this blog post, which originally was published on the SoLI website, Candice Reed explains why Latitude is interested in breaking down silos and building connections among the legal industry. When I […]

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Student Intern Interviews Business Litigation Attorney, Sean Kirk

Latitude had the privilege of hosting a student intern from St. Cecilia Academy earlier this month. During her internship, Ellie Burke met with a number of Latitude’s clients and consulting attorneys to learn about their legal practices. She even had the opportunity to watch Sean Kirk, a business litigation attorney at Bone McAllester & Norton, […]

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5 Wellness Tips to Kickstart the New Year

By Anna Gernert Happy New Year! As cliché as it may be, a new year truly is a great time to step back and evaluate all aspects of your life. How do you feel? How is your energy level? How are you sleeping? Are you generally satisfied in your work? Do you feel productive? As […]

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2015 Sees Largest Decline in Revenue Per Partner in 20 Years

Law firms faced leaner economic times in 2015, with declining revenue and flat partner compensation, according to ALM Intelligence’s annual financial survey. Per-partner revenue fell 4.7 percent from $491,729 in 2014 to $468,511 in 2015, the largest drop since ALM began tracking it in 1985. While this year’s drop could be partially due to the […]

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Love Your Lawyer Day? Yes, It’s Today.

Synchronize your lawyer-approving tweets for 11:04 a.m. – it’s #LoveYourLawyerDay. Started in 2001 by the American Lawyers Public Image Association, the day garnered widespread publicity last year when the Wall Street Journal published a front-page article about it and the ABA Law Practice Division called for it to be recognized. We here at Latitude think lawyers are alright. […]

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Nashville #8 on List of 25 Best Places for Law Grads

A ranking from a data analytics company that weighed average lawyer salary, job availability/competition, housing prices, and area amenities put Nashville at number 8. A surprising number of smaller towns outranked big cities on the list. The job outlook for law school grads is finally starting to pick up a bit, although it is still […]

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