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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Latitude. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about our company and the legal industry.

  • What makes Latitude unique?
    We provide our clients with law firm-level attorneys and paralegals at 40-60% less than law firm rates. To attract that level of talent our pay and benefits rival those of in-market public company legal departments and corporate law firms.

    What do we mean by law firm-level? The level of skill, experience and judgment expected in a permanent Fortune 500 corporate counsel or large law firm attorney, and the versatility to step into challenging environments and hit the ground running.

    As a result of our quality-centric model, Latitude is a platform for attorneys and paralegals with experience at leading law firms and corporate legal departments to: (i) perform high-level, sophisticated work for companies and law firms; (ii) earn law firm-level compensation and benefits; and (iii) choose custom tailored roles. This enables Latitude to provide our clients with customized solutions, such as secondment (insourced) roles and full-time, part-time, on-site, and remote arrangements to meet their specific needs.

    We are sometimes asked how Latitude differs from other companies in the legal industry such as Axiom Law, Counsel on Call, Special Counsel, Elevate Law, Morea Law and other legal service companies. If you are a prospective client, let us know your needs and we can propose one or more attorneys or paralegals so you can judge for yourself. If you are an attorney or paralegal, contact us to learn more about an attorney or paralegal job with Latitude so you can compare for yourself.
  • Who are Latitude's clients?
    Latitude clients include numerous leading law firms and companies, including multiple Fortune 500 companies. While the vast majority of Latitude Attorneys serve billion dollar plus corporations and large corporate law firms, Latitude also works with smaller clients such as boutique law firms and high-growth, emerging companies.
  • What types of attorneys does Latitude provide?
    Latitude provides talented, versatile attorneys with experience working for in-house law departments and leading law firms in high-demand practice areas. Please see the Opportunities page for more information.
  • Does Latitude provide attorneys for permanent positions and what are typical in-house counsel salaries / attorney pay?
    Yes. Latitude helps law firms and companies hire attorneys for both traditional and customized positions. We also offer interim-to-hire (i.e., contract to hire) arrangements, which often provide attorneys the opportunity to have the inside track before the hiring process even begins. Interim-to-hire arrangements also allow both the attorney and the law firm or company the opportunity to test-drive the relationship.

    Latitude frequently advises companies (and candidates) on in-house counsel salaries and law firms on associate, counsel and partner pay, as well as paralegal pay Our deep network of local relationships and knowledge of recent compensation packages in the markets we serve enable us to provide exceptional advice on legal industry compensation (including attorney, compliance officer and paralegal) pay and benefits.
  • What is a Latitude Attorney?
    A Latitude Attorney is a licensed attorney with the experience, skill and judgement to step directly into roles in large company legal departments and corporate law firms that would otherwise require a permanent member of the legal team or law firm counsel – in other words the type of attorney who is a professional peer of the client’s permanent in-house counsel and corporate law firm attorneys. Latitude Attorneys (and paralegals) are directly employed and compensated by Latitude (not independent contractors) and engaged to work on-site or remotely for a law firm or company.*
  • What type of experience and skill sets do I need to become a Latitude Attorney?
    For Latitude Attorney positions, we are seeking candidates who have a record of success in highly competitive attorney roles in leading law firms and/or corporate legal departments, significant experience in an in-demand practice areas, strong academic credentials from well-known institutions, outstanding references, and are friendly, collaborative, adaptable, and versatile. See more detailed information about our criteria on the Opportunities page.
  • What attracts outstanding attorneys to Latitude?
    Latitude provides highly-accomplished attorneys a platform to: (i) perform high-level, sophisticated work at leading companies and law firms; (ii) earn law firm-level compensation and benefits; and (iii) create customized roles tailored to their needs and interests. The compensation, benefits, professional development, and level of practice Latitude provides are typically only available at leading law firms, companies and consulting firms.
  • What are Latitude Attorney rates?
    Latitude Attorney rates are typically 40 to 60 percent less than law firm market rates for a comparable attorney. Fees for Latitude attorneys vary based on each attorney’s specific skills and experience, the length of the engagement, and the nature of the role.

    Latitude's model benefits everyone with whom we work: our company clients achieve significant savings by using legal spend to insource a Latitude Attorney or Paralegal instead of using a law firm for in-house work; our law firm clients improve their client service, employee retention, and profitability by adding Latitude Attorneys and Paralegals to increase capacity without long-term fixed cost and still earn a significant margin by billing the Latitude attorneys and paralegals out at normal market rates; and our attorneys and paralegals enjoy sophisticated, well compensated work with great clients.
  • What types of benefits does Latitude offer Latitude Attorneys and Paralegals?
    The same types of benefits provided by corporate law firms and major corporate law departments. For example: benefits that Latitude provides (subject to eligibility requirements) include group health insurance, long-term disability insurance, group life insurance, professional liability insurance, qualified 401k plan, continuing legal education, etc.
  • Is Latitude a law firm?
    No. Attorneys employed and assigned by Latitude provide legal services only under the professional oversight of an in-house or private-practice lawyer for the client who is not associated with Latitude.
  • Is Latitude a legal staffing agency, legal recruiter, legal temp agency or attorney headhunter?
    Latitude is a legal services company that provides law-firm level attorneys and paralegals to companies and law firms for contract engagements and permanent legal jobs.

    Due to our extensive local relationships and legal industry knowledge in each of the markets we serve, we are often relied on by law firms and general counsel to advise on legal spending and budgeting, legal salaries, legal staffing, and recruiting for in-house and law firm attorney and paralegal jobs.

    We are sometimes asked if we provide temp attorneys or temp paralegals (or contract attorneys or contract paralegals), attorney staffing, legal staffing, attorney recruiting, or are an attorney headhunter agency, etc. Latitude Attorneys and Paralegals are directly employed by Latitude and work for our clients in non-permanent assignments set forth in a written agreement with the client (i.e., similar to how leading consulting firms provide interim executives or other professionals to work on a non-permanent basis for major companies that need the assistance of accomplished, versatile professionals with specific skills and experience). Likewise, we frequently advise our clients on legal hiring, compensation and staffing matters, including assisting our clients with general counsel, chief compliance officer, partner, associate, counsel, and other attorney, compliance officer and paralegal job searches.

*Latitude is not a law firm and does not engage in the practice of law. Attorneys employed and assigned by Latitude provide legal services only under the professional oversight of an in-house or private-practice lawyer for the client who is not associated with Latitude. Further information is available on the Legal Notice page.

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