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If you have the right skills, Latitude helps you continue to do what you’re good at – in a more rewarding way.


Skills & Experience

You’ve been successful serving as a paralegal in a leading law firm or corporate legal department, have outstanding references, are personable, adaptable, and great at what you do. Latitude creates well paying, interesting paralegal jobs for people like you.

Latitude accepts less than 10% of our applicants. Our paralegals are drawn from top law firms and corporate legal departments.

We focus on the following characteristics FOR applicants…

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Latitude Opportunities

To learn more about Latitude opportunities (many of which are confidential), submit your resume or basic background information online to Latitude and we will follow-up with you. Take the first step:

1. Apply for a current listed opportunity

2. Contact us to learn about unlisted opportunities

Latitude respects confidentiality and will not identify or propose you without your express permission.

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