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How Innovative Legal Departments Are Showing Their Value

Chief executives and GCs have often had difficulty placing a precise value on what legal does for the company. Innovative legal teams are now changing this, and describing exactly how they contribute to the success of the business. It is not all about budget cuts and costs, but rather about the collection of detailed metrics […]

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What is Being “Agile” and How Can it Improve Your Law Firm?

Being “agile” means more than flexible working policies, such as working from home. It is operating in an efficient, rapid and responsive way to deliver services in the way and time the client needs it. The LexisNexis Future of Law blog explores 6 compelling reasons for the legal sector to go agile and practical ways […]

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Why Corporate Attorneys Need to Increasingly Beware of Cyberattacks

A recent survey showed that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting enterprise data managed by corporate attorneys. The category of data most often breached in 2016 was employee data, which was compromised at 48 percent of companies, but next in line was IP data (stolen at 35 percent of companies), and “legal data” (data from cases and […]

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Hourly Rates vs. AFAs: Who’s Winning the Tug-of-War?

In recent years, a growing number of GCs and law firm leaders have called for alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) to replace hourly rates. But despite widespread criticism of the billable hour it still accounts for almost two-thirds of outside counsel spend. Cravath partner David Marriot and GE General Counsel Alex Dimitrief discuss the benefits and […]

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Do Associates Still Want to Make Partner?

Becoming equity partner has long been the main goal of most big law firm associates, but with only about 10% of new hires making it at some firms, this is now changing for some. Bloomberg reports that with partnership being an increasingly rare end, firms are in essence training associates to go in-house, i.e., placing them with […]

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Blue Ocean Strategy for Law: Innovate at the Edges, Retain the Core

What is a Blue Ocean strategy? The all-too-insular legal market can benefit from this business strategy, which has worked for enterprises such as Cirque du Soleil, Starbucks, and Southwest Airlines. It involves looking for openings in the market that competitors have not overrun and sailing toward them. Law firm consultant Aric Press explains how smart […]

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Will “Virtual” Lawyering Ever Fully Materialize?

Real estate accounts for more than 5 percent of most law firms’ budgets, so the idea of a “virtual” law firm with no centralized office space can sound appealing. But despite technological advances, very few have managed to create virtual firms of substantial size that have lasted. Among those who have are Fisher Broyles, a […]

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