Services - How We Help You

We provide accomplished in-house counsel and Big Law attorneys to clients nationwide.

Our Specialty

We specialize in providing former in-house counsel and Big Law attorneys who have the specific (often niche) experience our clients desire.

We do this through short- or long-term contract and contract-to-hire engagements, as well as direct-hire placements. Our professionals may work with our clients part- or full-time and for weeks, months, years or permanently.

We attract outstanding candidates because of our great clients, sophisticated roles, personal approach, flexibility and competitive pay and benefits.

Short- or Long-Term Contract Engagements

We supplement your existing team with proven individuals who work with you on a contract basis. They are directly employed and compensated by Latitude.

Secondments at legal departments and covering for seconded attorneys at law firms
Coverage when an employee must take a leave of absence, for example family or sick leave
On-demand assistance when there is a surge in work
Team members with specific skills for inclusion in RFP responses


Many clients prefer to engage a professional on a contract basis before making a permanent hiring decision. These individuals are directly employed and compensated by Latitude.

Providing a trial period to determine if a full-time employee is needed or the right fit
Adding someone immediately while awaiting budget to increase headcount
Starting someone immediately while awaiting a new position to open
Providing assistance during a hiring freeze

Direct-Hire Placements

Clients rely on us for direct-hire placements for the same reasons they reach out to us for contract engagements – we provide outstanding, often hard to find, individuals with the experience and temperament they want.

General Counsel and other in-house counsel
Law firm partners, counsel and associates
Legal operations and compliance professionals

Ready to get started?

Whether you're an attorney or legal ops executive looking for legal talent to assist your team or you’re a legal professional looking for a substantive yet flexible role, let us find a solution to meet your needs.