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Chris Chi General Counsel and Health Care Attorney Nashville Customer Review Chris Chi General Counsel, IASIS Healthcare LLC

"Latitude has been a great way for me to meet my department's ever-shifting staffing needs. They provided me with an outstanding attorney with the practice-specific experience and judgment I needed and at less than half the cost of comparable law firm counsel. On another engagement, they provided a team of attorneys that got a project done under heavy time pressure and at a fraction of comparable law firm cost."

Mark Vane General Counsel Geodis Nashville Customer Review Mark Vane SVP & General Counsel, Geodis

"Latitude has been a great way for me to augment my team with a part-time in-house counsel utilizing outside counsel spend. Consistently high quality attorneys with practice specific experience and the ability to parachute in and provide immediate, cost-effective assistance."

John Callison Latitude Attorney and former Vanderbilt University Principal Deputy General Counsel John Callison Latitude Attorney

"Working for Latitude has been terrific. It has provided me with the opportunity to maintain a legal practice that I love at a time when I wanted to slow down but continue to be productive. I cannot think of a better company to work for and colleagues to work with."

Amy Calton Latitude Health Care and Technology Attorney Amy Calton Latitude Attorney

"Working for Latitude has enabled me to maintain a flexible schedule while continuing to work for growing companies with sophisticated legal work."

Elizabeth Foss Latitude Attorney Nashville; Former GC Elizabeth Foss Former Latitude Attorney

"As a lawyer, I like solving problems and continuing to learn. Working with Latitude allowed me to retain a high level of flexibility and development without compromising on the quality of clients, projects or work assignments. They operate with such a high level of professionalism and collaboration that it really felt like they were my partner in this process."

David Francy Latitude Attorney Nashville; Former Managing Counsel Cat Financial David Francy Latitude Attorney

"After a long corporate career, I really enjoy the flexibility of working with Latitude. I work part-time from home and am able to travel and work remotely when necessary. The people at Latitude work hard to find clients with needs that fit in with my desire for a flexible schedule. They find high-quality work for me that is interesting, challenging and meets my needs."

Jeff Simpson Nashville In-House Counsel Jeff Simpson Senior Director, CoreCivic

"A client's business needs changed during my engagement and they happened to align with my future interests. Our existing relationship created a natural fit for in-house employment, so they hired me. I've been thrilled to practice in an area that I would not have accessed but for my work with Latitude."

Chicago Latitude ERISA Law Firm Attorney Lisa B. Latitude Attorney

"Very early in the legal phase of my career, I discovered that the traditional law firm path (associate to partner) was not for me, and each of my law firm roles since my first (as a law firm associate) has been an alternative to that traditional path. My work as a consulting attorney with Latitude lets me focus on the technical ERISA and employee benefits work that I love, in a professional role with a reputable organization. The benefits offered by Latitude help ensure this is a viable, long-term option for me."

Sean Kirk Bone McCallester Law Firm Partner Customer Review Sean C. Kirk Attorney, Bone McAllester Norton PLLC

"I have engaged Latitude Attorneys as a cost-effective solution for several of my clients, including a national financial institution and an international manufacturer. Latitude provided me with partner-level attorneys who functioned seamlessly on-site or in court alongside my clients."

Aaron Kahlberg General Counsel Nashville Customer Review Testimonial Aaron Kaalberg General Counsel of H.G. Hill Realty Company

"I needed an experienced commercial real estate attorney that I could trust to accurately abstract several complicated commercial loans. Latitude provided me with a former Linklater’s attorney. He was professional and had the skill and experience to reduce complicated loan provisions into a user-friendly format, which greatly helped us refine our internal loan administration and financial reporting. He did a great job at a fraction of the cost of typical outside counsel."

April Berman General Counsel Asurion Nashville Customer Review Testimonial April Berman SVP & Deputy General Counsel, Asurion

"Latitude has enabled us to respond nimbly to changing legal needs with high-quality resources that are far more cost-effective than traditional outside counsel. Whether the need is project specific or ongoing support, Latitude leverages a personalized understanding of our business and team dynamics to connect us with great talent."


Meet A Few of Our Attorneys

John C. Callison


John served as Senior Deputy general counsel of Vanderbilt University, representing the nationally-ranked research university and medical center, with more than 23,000 employees and $4 billion in operating revenue, in labor and employment matters, tax-exempt financing, athletics, student affairs, general corporate matters and healthcare compliance.

Learn more about John

Amy Calton


Amy has extensive experience representing public and private healthcare and IT companies in operations, IP, regulatory and compliance matters.

Learn more about Amy

David Francy


For over 20 years, David represented the legal interests of Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation both domestically and abroad. David focused on complex commercial transactions involving multiple parties and jurisdictions.

Learn more about David

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