Responding to the Great Resignation: How to Retain Top Talent by Creating a Culture of Meaning

December 15, 2021

While a global pandemic proved to be a boon for the legal industry generally, it also served as a wake-up call for many attorneys. Now in the midst of the Great Resignation, many professionals, attorneys among them, are deciding that a fat paycheck is not the only (or even, most important) career motivator. No longer content to stay in positions that pay well but make them miserable, lawyers are choosing to leave lucrative jobs for “better” ones that are more in line with their personal and professional goals. So, what is important to attorneys? What makes a job great? Is it the work, the people, the flexibility, or a combination of all of these things?

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Our panelists discuss the Great Resignation’s impact on the legal profession and how legal employers and industry leaders may attract and retain top talent by cultivating a culture of meaning and engagement. They will share why salaries and bonuses only go so far and what they are doing in their own organizations to bridge the gap. Learn how to build engaged, successful and happy teams of lawyers who choose to stay even when the going gets tough or the firm across the street pays more.

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Originally recorded December 15, 2021

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