In-House Lawyering: From Surviving to Thriving (wellness resources)

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Links to relevant wellness content:

  1. Responding to the Great Resignation: How to Retain Top Talent by Creating a Culture of Meaning (On-Demand Webinar)
  2. Candice Reed, Other People Matter (June 17, 2018) (Blog Post)
  3. Paula Davis, Beating Burnout at Work: Why Teams Hold the Secret to Well-Being and Resilience (2022) (Book – Amazon Link)
  4. Shawn Healy and Jeffrey Fortgang, The Full Weight of the Law: How Legal Professionals Can Recognize and Rebound from Depression (2017) (Book – ABA link)
  5. R. Lisle Baker, Cultivating Wellness in Those Who Lead and Those Who Are Led (examining the role of recognizing character strengths for well-being) (Blog link)
  6. R. Lisle Baker & Carol-Anne Hoffmann, Standing Up for Your Client or Sitting in Judgment: the Power of Posture, LAW PRACTICE TODAY (January, 2022) (examining how lawyers can enhance their well-being and performance by appropriate ergonomic practices and complementary physical exercise) (Blog link)
  7. R. Lisle Baker, Character and Fitness for Leadership: Learning Interpersonal Skills, 58 Santa Clara L. Rev. 101 (2018) (includes a more complete explanation of active constructive responding). (SSRN link)
  8. Olesja Cormney, Jill Kalliomaa, & Jeffrey Compangano, Say Yes to Well-being: How Daily Incremental Changes Can Transform our Lives (21 December 2020) (ACC post)
  9. Olesja Cormney, Jill Kalliomaa & Jeffrey Compangano, Mindful Inspiration: How to Start a Well-being Movement for Your ACC Chapter (28 March 2020) (ACC post)

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