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Latitude Nashville Legal Staffing and Contract Attorney Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Latitude saves money for companies and law firms alike.

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Peer Attorneys

Latitude attorneys have top law firm and law department experience – and you'll enjoy them.

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40-60% less than law firm
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>80% of our business is with
repeat clients

>80% of our corporate business
is from $1B+ companies

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Freedom and Boundaries

Law Firm-level Compensation and Benefits

Employment Contract

Complex Work with Sophisticated Clients

Legal jobs market expertise and career advocacy

Outstanding team of peer attorneys

Where Latitude Fits

Use Latitude Attorneys for jobs and scopes of work that your law firm attorneys are not optimized to provide

Most Common Client Engagements

Healthcare and Technology and Health Law Attorney Jobs Healthcare
Corporate, Contracting, and M&A Attorney and Paralegal Jobs and Legal Staffing Corporate, Contracting, and M&A
IT, Licensing and Security
Litigation and Investigations Attorney Jobs / In-House Counsel Jobs - Special Counsel Litigation and Investigations


  • Commercial Transactions
  • Corporate & Securities
  • Employment & Benefits
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Banking & Finance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Technology

Great Clients. Sophisticated Legal Work.

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