Quick Tips for Onboarding Flexible Legal Talent

January 5, 2024

Effective Tips for Onboarding Flexible Legal Talent

Effective attorney onboarding sets the tone for a fruitful and collaborative working relationship. A streamlined onboarding process ensures a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities and facilitates a seamless integration into your company or firm culture and operations. Moreover, effective onboarding empowers your attorney to quickly add value while allowing you to focus on critical tasks without compromising efficiency.

For engagement-based attorneys, whose scope of work is specialized and their relationship contractual for the short- or long-term, an efficient onboarding process offers numerous advantages. Guidance on team structures, tools, processes, and expectations can accelerate their ability to contribute swiftly effectively and free up your valuable time to attend to other pressing matters.

Outlined below are three practical tips for optimizing the onboarding process for contract attorneys.

Set clear expectations.

Defining project scope, deliverables, timelines, and performance parameters serves as a roadmap for synchronized efforts. Ensure your attorney has the lay of the land by sharing an overview of your organization’s culture, values, and mission, helping your attorney understand the work environment and operational approach.

Facilitate attorney success with appropriate tools and resources.

Think about what tools, technology, and resources your attorney will need to perform their work effectively. You can reduce the time it takes to reach optimal performance levels by arranging access and training for required hardware, software, research tools, and the appropriate system login credentials and access rights in advance.

Communicate openly.

Encouraging an open exchange of ideas, collaboration, and constructive feedback nurtures a supportive environment and reduces timely back-and-forth. It also expedites your attorneys’ integration into the team and ongoing projects. See if any of these communication tactics make sense to try for your specific role or situation:

Effective onboarding isn’t just about getting the individual up to speed—it’s about setting the foundation for a productive working relationship that benefits you, your law firm or legal department, and ultimately your clients.

By implementing these three tips, you can expedite your attorney’s understanding of internal workflows and procedures, equip them with comprehensive knowledge of client expectations, and significantly minimize errors and revisions. That means you can allocate less time providing guidance or explaining operations and more time focusing on other important matters.


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