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Find freedom
Establish boundaries
Get control of your life
Do work that energizes you
Get paid what you’re worth
Work closer with clients
Get off the treadmill
Practice law in a new way
Help overwhelmed attorneys
Improve the practice of law
Chart a new course
Leverage Your Experience

Take Control of Your Career

We get it – priorities change. If you have the right skills, Latitude helps you continue to do what you’re good at – in a more rewarding way.


Skills & Experience

You’ve overachieved your whole life. You are great at what you do. You want more out of life. And you’ve worked far too hard to just walk away from law. Latitude delivers well paying, great attorney jobs for people like you.

Latitude accepts less than 10% of our applicants. Our attorneys are drawn from top law firms and corporate legal departments.

We focus on the following characteristics FOR applicants…

As a Latitude Attorney, you would be expected to operate efficiently as part of the team, and fit right in. Either on-site, remotely, or as a special advisor.

4-30+ Yearsrange of experience for Latitude Attorneys

95%of Latitude attorneys are still on an engagement or have been hired by a client

$200,000+Average Latitude Attorney Annualized Salary

Latitude Law Corporate Attorney based in Louisville, KY

Latitude Opportunities

To learn more about Latitude job opportunities (many of which are confidential), submit your resume or basic background information online to Latitude and we will follow-up with you. Take the first step:

1. Apply for a current listed attorney job

2. Contact us to learn about unlisted attorney jobs

Latitude respects confidentiality and will not identify or propose you without your express permission.

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